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Ramsey Taylor Ann Priestley is an Inhuman with the ability to drastically lower the temperature of anything she touches. She is currently in her second year at Brown University and is a member of a local group of Inhuman vigilantes.


Birth and EducationEdit

Ramsey was born and raised in Manhattan, New York, in the well-known neighborhood of the Upper East Side. Ramsey's father is the CEO of a global banking company that was passed onto him by his own father, and her mother is a fashion designer with a successful brand. Growing up with highly successful parents, Ramsey was never required to obtain a job and always knew that her parents would help her out with college, wherever she should decide to go.

Free from monetary concerns, Ramsey dedicated her teenage years to maintaining her grades and becoming a well-known figure in her community. Despite living a privileged youth, Ramsey still became an intelligent young woman. Her intelligence enabled her to get accepted into four Ivy League schools. Deciding on Brown University, Ramsey is currently pursuing a degree in psychology.


Ramsey was transformed into an Inhuman during her second year of college when she and several of her friends decided to try magic mushrooms. These mushrooms were contaminated with Terrigen and caused the teenagers to undergo the transformation. Ramsey and Jasper were the ones to come up with the idea to form a group of Inhuman vigilantes with the ultimate goal of eliminating those who embrace human superiority over Inhumans.



  • Jasper Wardwell met Ramsey through Brooke Otto. Jasper and Ramsey quickly became best friends due to their similar personalities. Together, Jasper and Ramsey are two wild individuals who indulge in most, if not all, of the seven deadly sins.
  • Brooke Otto was Ramsey's best friend in high school. When the pair started college, they became less close but still remained friends. Currently, they still consider each other to be good friends of one another.
  • Autumn McNamara attended the same high school as Ramsey and Brooke, although Autumn and Ramsey were nothing more than classmates. They became closer in college but are not the best of friends due to their drastically different personalities and opinions.
  • Delia Matheson met Ramsey through Brooke. Delia and Ramsey are good friends, although not as close as Delia and Brooke or Jasper and Ramsey.
  • Isaac Warren and Bentley Marks are friends of Ramsey but are not as close to her as Jasper, Delia, or Brooke.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Inhuman Metabolism: All Inhumans possess peak human physical attributes, as well as some enhanced mental capabilities. Some Inhumans may develop these enhancements to further degrees than peak human levels due to their individual powers and abilities but, as a baseline, all Inhumans possess the peak human levels of strength, durability, stamina, speed, reflexes, agility, eyesight, and hearing.

  • Peak Human Strength: Inhumans are capable of lifting approximately one ton of weight.
  • Peak Human Durability: Inhumans possess greater durability when exposed to blunt forces. The level of durability greatly depends on the current condition of the individual Inhuman, the amount of force being exerted on them, and the amount of counter-force being exerted by the Inhuman. However, Inhumans are not resistant to blades, bullets, chemicals, diseases, or energy-based attacks.
  • Peak Human Stamina: Inhumans are capable of exerting themselves at maximum physical exertion for approximately one hour before they begin to tire. After beginning to tire, an Inhuman may continue exerting themselves for about 2-2.5 additional hours before collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Peak Human Speed: Inhumans are capable of running at speeds of approximately 30-40 miles per hour.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Due to a near-perfect mind-body connection, Inhumans are capable of reacting within microseconds of being exposed to a stimulus. This imbues them with great reflexes.
  • Peak Human Agility: Inhumans are generally more agile, balanced, coordinated, and dextrous than average humans. They are capable of performing near-superhuman level acrobatic feats with ease. However, to reach this level of acrobatics, intense training is required.
  • Peak Human Vision: Inhumans nearly always possess perfect vision at birth, never needing visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses. However, many Inhumans damage their eyesight throughout their lives accidentally, diminishing their perfect eyesight (although to a lesser extent than humans do), such as by looking at something that is too bright for too long or without proper protection.
  • Peak Human Hearing: Inhumans nearly always also possess perfect hearing at birth. However, as with eyesight, many Inhumans accidentally damage their hearing (to a lesser extent than humans do) throughout their lives, such as by listening to music that is too loud.