Delia van der Woodsen

Delia Sarah Matheson is an Inhuman who possesses the ability to alter her own DNA sequence. She is currently a student at Brown University and a member of a local group of Inhuman vigilantes.


Birth and EducationEdit

Delia was born and raised in small town Kansas as the daughter of a high school chemistry teacher and school counselor. Her mother is a Chinese immigrant from Eastern China who moved to America at the age of fifteen after the death of her parents. Delia has two younger siblings: a brother and a sister.

Being the product of an interracial couple, Delia and her siblings faced strong discrimination growing up as the only non-white children in each of their grades. Despite facing much discrimination throughout her childhood, Delia managed to become a prominent member of her community and remain at the top of her class until her graduation. Delia decided to leave her home state of Kansas for college to attend Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. Despite strong disapproval from her father, Delia moved to Illinois to pursue degrees in English and philosophy.


Delia underwent her transformation from human to Inhuman during her sophomore year of college when she and her friends decided to try magic mushrooms. Unbeknownst to Delia and her friends, but the mushrooms had been grown using a special chemical, known as Terrigen, which is known to cause certain humans to transform into Inhumans. After undergoing her transformation, Delia tried to continue living her life as she had before despite knowing that something had changed within her and that she was not the same person as she once was.

After coming to terms with her transformation, new personality, and Inhuman abilities, Delia and her friends formed a group of Inhuman vigilantes determined to end the prejudice against Inhumans by killing the humans responsible for inciting the prejudice.


Prior to her Inhuman transformation, Delia was a down-to-earth and kind young woman. Throughout high school, she spent her free time volunteering at the local daycare and elderly care center. She worked as a waitress for three years of her high school career and made many friends in her small town community. Many older individuals in the community praised Delia's parents for raising such a kind and sweet young girl and were all excited to see what she would accomplish with her life after leaving Kansas for college. During her first year of college, Delia still maintained her habits of working, studying, and volunteering but was tempted, at times, by her peers who were engaging in substance usage. After her transformation, Delia's personality completely changed. Almost immediately, she stopped volunteering and quit her job, no longer caring about what image she presented to those around her. She began engaging in illegal substance use almost daily, quickly advancing to hard drugs like cocaine and ecstasy.


  • Brooke Otto was Delia's roommate during their freshman year of college. The two girls have been best friends ever since. They are known to be "joined at the hip" and rarely do anything without the other present. Despite not having similar hobbies or interests, the girls are the best of friends and would do anything for each other.
  • Autumn McNamara went to the same high school as Brooke and met Delia through Brooke. Although not as close of a friend as Brooke is to Delia, Delia and Autumn are still close friends.
  • Ramsey Priestley, like Autumn, went to the same high school as Brooke. Brooke and Ramsey were best friends in high school but have not remained as close in college, although they are still friends.
  • Jasper Wardwell lived only a couple dorm rooms down from Brooke and Delia during their freshman year of college. As the only gay male on their floor and Delia being very supportive of gay right, the two became good friends during their stay in the dorms.
  • Isaac Warren and Bentley Marks also lived on the same floor in the dorms as Delia, Brooke, and Jasper. However, Isaac and Bentley didn't become friends with Delia until their second year of college.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Inhuman Metabolism: All Inhumans possess peak human physical attributes, as well as some enhanced mental capabilities. Some Inhumans may develop these enhancements to further degrees than peak human levels due to their individual powers and abilities but, as a baseline, all Inhumans possess the peak human levels of strength, durability, stamina, speed, reflexes, agility, eyesight, and hearing.

  • Peak Human Strength: Inhumans are capable of lifting approximately one ton of weight.
  • Peak Human Durability: Inhumans possess greater durability when exposed to blunt forces. The level of durability greatly depends on the current condition of the individual Inhuman, the amount of force being exerted on them, and the amount of counter-force being exerted by the Inhuman. However, Inhumans are not resistant to blades, bullets, chemicals, diseases, or energy-based attacks.
  • Peak Human Stamina: Inhumans are capable of exerting themselves at maximum physical exertion for approximately one hour before they begin to tire. After beginning to tire, an Inhuman may continue exerting themselves for about 2-2.5 additional hours before collapsing from exhaustion.
  • Peak Human Speed: Inhumans are capable of running at speeds of approximately 30-40 miles per hour.
  • Peak Human Reflexes: Due to a near-perfect mind-body connection, Inhumans are capable of reacting within microseconds of being exposed to a stimulus. This imbues them with great reflexes.
  • Peak Human Agility: Inhumans are generally more agile, balanced, coordinated, and dextrous than average humans. They are capable of performing near-superhuman level acrobatic feats with ease. However, to reach this level of acrobatics, intense training is required.
  • Peak Human Vision: Inhumans nearly always possess perfect vision at birth, never needing visual aids such as glasses or contact lenses. However, many Inhumans damage their eyesight throughout their lives accidentally, diminishing their perfect eyesight (although to a lesser extent than humans do), such as by looking at something that is too bright for too long or without proper protection.
  • Peak Human Hearing: Inhumans nearly always also possess perfect hearing at birth. However, as with eyesight, many Inhumans accidentally damage their hearing (to a lesser extent than humans do) throughout their lives, such as by listening to music that is too loud.

DNA Mimicry: Delia has the ability to alter her own DNA sequences to match those of other humans. In order for her ability to work, Delia must maintain physical contact for an undetermined period of time with a biological sample from the person she wishes to impersonate in order to absorb the specific DNA sequences of said person. Although she theoretically could maintain contact with the actual person in order to absorb the entire DNA sequence, this process can take several minutes so she prefers to obtain a sample from the person and maintain contact with that in order to accomplish the DNA absorption. Examples of biological samples that she has used before include hair, saliva, or a severed body part. Once she has successfully absorbed the entire DNA sequence of a desired target, she can transform her own DNA sequence to match the other person's and transform herself into an extact duplicate of the other individual. It is unknown how long she can maintain another form, although she has managed to last several hours without showing signs of tiredness. If rendered unconscious when in disguise, she will revert back to her normal form. If interrupted while replicating a DNA sequence of another individual (physical contact is broken), she must restart or else she will be unable to transform into this person. She also cannot remove injuries she sustains by transforming her DNA. For example, if she were to sustain a stab wound in her stomach in a disguised form, she would still have the same stab wound in the same location when she reverts back to her regular form. Once Delia mimics a DNA sequence, it is unknown how long she retains said DNA sequence or if she is only able to hold a certain number of DNA sequences at a time.


Multilingual: Delia was raised to speak both English and Mandarin and was fluent in both languages by the time she reached high school. During high school, she studied French and, although she is not fluent, she is capable of having a conversation and reading in French. In college, she has been studying Latin for four semesters.

Charm: Delia is a naturally charming and charismatic woman. Prior to her transformation, her charm was not at all superficial as she genuinely enjoyed talking to and meeting new people. However, her transformation to an Inhuman has drastically altered her personality, resulting in her charm and charisma being more superficial and fraudulent than it ever was before.

Acrobatics: Delia is a skilled gymnast and acrobat, partially due to her naturally enhanced agility as an Inhuman.


  • Delia is a registered democrat and is an active advocate for gender equality, racial equality, and gay rights.
  • Delia's weapon of choice is a six inch blade that she keeps strapped to her thigh in a holster.